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There are many ways to reduce the amount of plastic you are using.  To make it easier think about any new products you are buying.  There is no point throwing away a perfectly functioning item, just because it is made of plastic.  As items break or you need something new, then start to ask:

What is it made of? 

How is it packaged?

What will happen to it when I don't need it anymore or it breaks?    

If it is made of a material that will simply be 'thrown away' then start thinking: 

there is no such place as away.png

There are now many items on the market with plastic free alternatives.  Many will last a lot longer than cheap disposable varieties.  Be prepared that you might pay a bit more but it will last you longer. 


Below are ideas that members of our group have tried and tested.  They are broken down into the areas of the house.   Choose a couple of simple swaps to get you started, so you don't feel overwhelmed.

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