Suppliers - local and online

We are lucky enough to have many shops and businesses in our local area helping us to replace plastic items with items made of more sustainable materials.  Several online companies have also been tried by members of the group. 


A - Z of local suppliers
Agora: Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough

Fresh bakery products in compostable packaging, glass packaged cordials and condiments, bamboo toothbrushes and re-useable cups and much more... Main Street, Woodhouse Eaves

Fresh Vegetables for Sale
Apples and Pears: Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough

The Greengrocer on Main Street has a great selection of plastic free fruit and vegetables.  Bring your own bags as they do not have plastic ones!

Ekojoe: A mobile van - Rothley and surrounding villages

A van full of eco products.  Refills, food products, kitchen items, hygiene products.

Elf foods_edited.jpg
Elf Foods:  Loughborough

Bamboo toothbrushes, refills of household items and beauty items, shampoo soap bars, compostable household items and much more.

Grimsby fish_edited.jpg
Fishman: Woodhouse Eaves

The fishman will allow you to bring your own tupperware for your fish.  Monday evening outside the Spa.

Johnsons butcher_edited.jpg
Johnsons Butchers: Woodhouse Eaves

The butcher will allow you to bring your own tupperware for your meat.  Find them on Facebook.

House of homemade.png
Home of Handmade: Woodhouse Eaves

Exquisitely handcrafted goods from talented artisans.  Handmade items for the home as well as household cleaners, cosmetics, cards and jewellery.

Nada: Leicester

Zero waste shop.  Food, refills of household cleaning products and beauty products, hygiene products, water bottles and much more.

the cleaning cabinet (2).JPG
The Cleaning Cabinet: Loughborough

Refills of Bio household cleaning products, soaps, hygiene products and more.

Online suppliers
milk and more.JPG

Delivery to your door.  Delivers to Woodhouse Eaves on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Milk, juices and much much more.

modibodi logo.png

Period pants! Pants in different sizes and to allow for different flows. Handwash and use again.

splosh logo.jpeg

Choose your product and receive a refillable plastic bottle of the item.  From then on you order refill pouches that are sent back to the company for recycling.  Products include washing up liquid, floor cleaner, hand wash, toilet cleaner.


Plastic Free packaging and less chemicals in the wash, SMOL offer dishwasher and laundry capsules delivered to your door on a subscription.

Modern milkman.PNG

Delivers to Woodhouse Eaves on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.   Milk, juices, eggs and other dairy items.

who gives a crap logo.png
Who gives a crap

Planet friendly toilet paper, kitchen roll and tissues.  We all love these products and often do a large group order.  If you are in the village and would like to join in on an order just message the contact number.

If you know of any other businesses, or have started a business you think we would be interested in, please contact us.