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In 2018, many individuals began to wake up to the harm humanity's excessive plastic waste was inflicting on the natural world.  Cherrie, a resident in Woodhouse Eaves, decided she would dedicate a year to trying to reduce her use of plastic.  She quickly realised that it was going to be a difficult journey - and it would be even harder with no support. 

After an article in the local Roundabout magazine, the Woodhouse Eaves Plastic Free WhatsApp group was created.  Cherrie invited like minded residents to come together and support each other with ideas, tips and tricks to reduce their plastic waste.

The group, now administered by Gemma, continues to grow from strength to strength.  Email to ask to join the mailing list.  As a member of the mailing list you will only receive an email when there is an event or campaign that you can get involved in.

Environment Pollution
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