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Repair Café

Saturday 13 July 2024 

Saturday 19 October 2024

9.30 - 12.30 pm

Youth and Community Hall LE12 8RZ

At a repair cafe people come together to work on broken everyday items.  Our throw away culture sees hundreds of items end up in landfill or incinerated when they could be mended and used for years to come.  The ReStart movement is an international organisation who have encouraged communities to come together and share expertise and knowledge on how to fix 'stuff'. 

Need a repair?

Do you have something that is destined for the tip - but if it could be repaired you would carry on using it?  



Items made of fabric or yarn

Holes in clothes; missing buttons; patches on trousers; darning socks/gloves; simple zips eg on skirts (not jeans, coats or bags), soft toys; fabric bags

DT Main repair page photo1


Anything with a power supply, plug or battery

Things like: Kettle; toaster
Vacuum Cleaner; shredder; printer; small household electronic items; small garden tools.

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Items that are not electronically powered

Anything around the home that might need fixing - it could need glue, or taking apart.  Could be mechanical or just need  a bit of tinkering.  This is the catch all box!



Clean it up or fix it

Cleaning of jewellery - necklaces, earrings, 
rings, bracelets
Fixing chains, clasps 
Watch battery replacement (£5 charge for the battery)

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Blunt tools sharpened

Items such as: knives, scissors, secateurs, loppers, shears. 

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B-Buddies free maintenance checks

B-Buddies offer a free bike check.  Any repairs are then quoted for before fixing.  No obligation at all to have the work completed. 

Repair - B buddies fixing a bike.PNG

Repairers will attempt to fix the item or advise you on how to fix it at home.  But it is undertaken with the understanding that the item is broken and would otherwise be thrown away.  Repairers reserve the right to refuse a repair.  Items with a high voltage are not allowed - eg microwaves.

Repair cafes aim to educate us all on how to fix items - or at least have a go before we throw it away.  We ask that you remain with your item whilst it is being fixed.  Chat to the repairer and find out what they are doing. 

All repairs are completed free of charge.  If you are able to give a donation, it will go towards the cost of the hall.  The only items that are chargeable are watch batteries and any work B-buddies do after your free maintenance check. 





Book in your item - this doesn't mean you jump the queue but allows us to bring the right tools. 

Could you join us as a repairer?

If you have a skill in fixing things click here to find out more about volunteering at the next repair café.

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