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Be a repairer


Do you have a skill for fixing things? 

Could you volunteer at our Repair Cafe?

We are looking for volunteers who can fix electronics, watches, jewellery, clothes, textiles, knitting/crochet ...the list goes on and on!  The Cafe takes place on a Saturday morning around 3 - 4 times a year.   It is in one of the Woodhouse Eaves Village Halls.  You will need to bring your own tools.

The 'customer' sits alongside the repairer to work collaboratively on the fix.  Perhaps in the future it is something they could do themselves.  Or it might just give them confidence to have a go at repairing something instead of immediately throwing it away.  If a part is needed, you could recommend what they need to buy and how to install it. 

We make it clear that the repairer is attempting to fix the item.  The customer signs a form to declare that the item is already broken.  The repairer has the right to refuse to repair an item and should not undertake anything they are not comfortable to do so. We will not accept items of high voltage eg microwaves. 

Please send us an email if you are interested and we can talk further. 

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