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There are many plastic bottles, containers and types of packaging in the kitchen and it is extremely hard to reduce it all.  Below are some ideas to get you started.  Take it one swap at a time otherwise it can feel overwhelming - remember any change is a positive move to reducing plastic.

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Cling Film to Beeswax wraps or tupperware

Rather than pulling off cling film, that is used and then discarded, purchase some wax wraps or quality Tupperware that can be used again and again.  There are many clips online showing you how to make wax wraps or they can be bought at shops like the Home of the Handmade

Find a local milk delivery

Milk from the milkman is more expensive but the bottles can be sent back and reused, saving hundreds of plastic bottles every year. 

Dishwasher tablets to Plastic Free version

Wilkinsons, Sainsbury's and Waitrose all do a dishwasher powder that you measure out yourself.  Companies like SMOL and Splosh offer plastic free versions of tablets or liquid.  

Washing up liquid to a refillable variety

Many waste free shops now have refilling stations for household cleaning products such as washing up liquid.  Elf foods or the Cleaning Cabinet (Loughborough), The Green Place (Sileby) and Nada (Leicester) all have different options available.  Agora now sell Splosh and are able to take the sachets.   

Individually wrapped food to bulk buy

Convenience has lead to individual packets of just about everything - rice, sweets, cheese you name it.  Yes, going back to buying regular rice which has to be cooked means a longer cooking time but it will save huge amounts of un-recyclable plastic.    


Plastic wrapped fruit and veg to loose produce

Another form of plastic borne from convenience.  Loose produce often is more expensive but with customer demand hopefully this will change.  Even if you change a couple of items such as only your potatoes and apples the reduced plastic makes a difference.  Alternatively give growing your own a try for easy vegetables like lettuce, spinach and courgettes. 

Plastic containers to glass or tins

There are many video clips on Recycle Now showing how glass and tins can be infinitely recycled whereas plastic often becomes a lower quality material.  Swap various items such as your mayonnaise to a glass jar to cut down on plastic containers. 

Tea bags to Plastic Free bags or loose leaf

To seal a tea bag most companies use plastic.  Several are starting to advertise that they are now plastic free such as PG tips others have been doing it for years - Pukka and Clipper. 

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