Pursuading your colleagues to start using less plastic can make you feel like you are speaking a different language.  But there are some subtle ways to start encouraging others.

Bring your own lunch and encourage others to do the same. 

Buy a set of glasses and a jug from the charity shop to use in meetings rather than plastic cups. 

Encourage everyone to have a re-useable coffee cup to bring in and use as they move around the office to meetings. 

Start your own Terracycle crisp collection and take it to your nearest collection point. 

Re-use all plastic wallets and folders rather than throwing them away or buying new. 

Encourage colleague to buy resources from local, greener, environmental companies.  Buy quality items that will last rather than cheap items that break and need to be replaced. 

Collect up pens and stationery that have run out and bring them to the Terracycle collection

At Christmas, suggest a more eco friendly Secret Santa where people put in a few suggestions of presents they might like rather than colleagues buying unwanted gifts.