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a greener world starts with a letter

Let’s start telling big companies what we want to see.  Companies are driven by customer demand but unless we tell them what we want, they will continue to work in a way that best suits themselves.   By contacting these companies and government officials, to tell them our thoughts, we can help to start focusing them on the changes we want to see.

Use the email addresses and petitions below to add your voice to the debate.  Tell them about an item you would like to see packaged differently, or the reason you are refusing to shop in their store.
Let us know in the comments box who you have written to and most importantly if you received a reply.


Click on the email links below to write to each store.
Sainsbury or the CEO - 
Marks and Spencer

Our MP

MP Edward Argar - MP for Charnwood
Rt Hon George Eustice - Minister for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Charnwood Council

Online Petitions

Surfers against Sewage

Rivers Petition 
Our rivers feed our seas and currently only 14% meet good ecological status and 75% pose a serious risk to human health. Sign the petition today to help our rivers and #endsewagepollution.

Friends of the Earth
A petition demanding the government create new laws to stop plastic pollution
Click here to sign the petition

A petition demanding the government take decisive climate action.
Click here to sign the petition

Find other Friends of the Earth petitions here.

Find many Greenpeace petitions here.

Government petitions
Anyone can bring a petition to government.  Click here for various petitions involving plastic.  Please note once signed, an email is sent to you which you must click to verify yourself.  If you do not do this you won't have added your name to the petition.


At the Grocery Shop
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