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Toy and Book Swap

Bring your unwanted toys and swap it for

something that is new to you! 

1) Find up to 3 toys you no longer want.  They can be cuddly toys, games, puzzles, action figures... whatever.


2) Check they aren't missing any pieces and they are not broken  or used (eg colouring books already completed). If they are dirty, try giving them a clean. 


3) Bring your toys to the Annexe Hall in Woodhouse Eaves on Saturday 21 May between 4 pm and 6 pm.  

4) You will be given a token for every item you bring. Keep these safe.

5) Come back to the Annexe Hall on Sunday 22 May between 10 am and 12.30pm to 'spend' your tokens. 

At the same time there will be a free book swap.  Bring any unwanted books and you are welcome to take any books home.  You don't need to have brought books to be able to take some home. 


Adults are welcome to come and swap toys for their children or choose books. 

Please note: we will not accept broken or dirty toys, discs from computer games (as we can't guarantee they work), battery toys that when a battery is put in them they don't work, MacDonald's (or similar) free toys.

Bringing toys to the Toy Swap does not guarantee you will be able to choose toys to take home.  By bringing toys, children should be made aware that they might not find 3 'new' toys they like.  They will not be able to take back their old toys if they have already been taken away.  They could consider a sibling, family member or friend when choosing their new toys.

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