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We need your help to tidy up our streets and parks.   There are lots of tiny pieces of rubbish that we want to pick up and put in the bin.  If we don’t, they might be eaten by animals or fall down the drains and end up in the sea.   You will find bottles, cans and sweet wrappers easily but we want you to really look hard to find the tiny pieces that get missed.

General litter.jpg

Lots of plastic and rubbish ends up in the sea and hurts the fish and creatures that call the ocean home.  Lots of animals in our fields and parks think that the pieces are food.  But they are not food and will hurt their tummies.


Below is a chart that we would like you to fill in as you go around with your responsible adult.  Draw it onto a piece of paper, take a pencil with you and as you find a piece of rubbish decide what it is made of.  When you bring the rubbish back to the Village Hall, we will ask you to tell us what sort of items you found.

Tally chart.JPG

Thanks for helping our village stay tidy!

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