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Christmas Tree Festival
Our Plastic Free Tips

St Paul's Church

Christmas Vibes

Thursday 23 - Sunday 26 November

4pm - 8pm

St Paul's Church 

Woodhouse Eaves

Our Christmas Plastic Free Tips

Plastic V Real Trees

Which type of tree is best?

We have laid out some of the pros and cons

and come to a conclusion....

Real Trees


  • whilst growing, the tree will have been capturing carbon and giving oxygen

  • if bought locally it hasn't been transported around the globe

  • could be rented then replanted to grow bigger

  • can be taken to refuse sites and put in the green waste


  • cost involved in buying a new tree each year

Plastic Tree


  • if looked after, they can last for many years - which reduces their carbon footprint and saves you money

  • if you want a change they could be reused by someone else if put on freecycle/market place


  • made from PVC and chemicals

  • not likely to have been made in the UK, so have a high carbon footprint

  • can't be recycled so will ultimately end up in landfill/incinerator

The Conclusion

The best tree is the one you already own. 

If you already own a plastic tree then care for it and make it last.  Don't just throw it out because it is made of plastic.  When it is time to replace it, opt for a local real tree that can be replanted. 

A local company who rent trees:

Rent a tree from Love a Christmas Tree 

Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree
Wrapping Papers

The Wrapping Paper Scrunch Test

How do you know if wrapping paper is recyclable?



Scrunch the paper into a ball.  If it stays scrunched up then it can be recycled. 

If it starts to move, then it can't be recycled.  It has a film of plastic on it meaning it can't be recycled.

Choose recyclable wrapping paper this year. 

EVEN BETTER: use Furoshiki cloths or fabric bags and stockings that can be used year after year after year!

Wrapped Boxes

Happy Christmas
Woodhouse Eaves
Plastic Free

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