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A fantastic day of social sewing to make   re-usable shopping bags.

Thanks to a huge team effort we made over 120 bags and cut out over 50 more kits.  

Thank you to everyone who participated!


A group of around 30 people joined together in the Village Hall to sew, iron and cut for the day.  It was lovely to meet fellow enthusiasts who were keen to help make as many bags as possible.  In the Spring we will have a stall on Loughborough market to give the bags away. We hope to talk to people about making simple swaps to use less plastic.

Our group has been making re-usable shopping bags for over two years.  Before the pandemic we met regularly at each other’s houses to create Morsbags out of fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill.  Morsbags started in Leicester with a group of friends developing the pattern and encouraging others to make them.  Groups set up ‘pods’ and keep a track of the number of bags made. 


Thanks to this event  Woodhouse Eaves Pod has now successfully made over 350 bags! And we want to keep going!

A plastic bag is often used for a matter of minutes and then thrown away whereas these bags will be used again and again.  Jay has a basket in the Spar to the left of the counter and encourages people to use them and bring them back for others to use.  Agora display them to take away – they are a perfect size for the daily paper and are beautiful enough to give as a present. 


Thank you to everyone who donated fabric.  We have enough kits cut out to make over 100 more bags.  That should keep us going through the winter!