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Items we will try to fix:

Holes in clothes

Missing buttons

Patches on trousers

Darning socks/gloves

Simple zips eg on skirts (not jeans or coats)

Simple toys


If you would like a specific button or patch sewn on or a zip put it, it is best to bring the button/patch/zip with you.  We will have some generic buttons and scraps to use if you don't.


Zips can be bought on the Button Boutique market stall in Loughborough.   

If in doubt either bring them along to ask or fill in our repair form to let us know the item you are thinking of bringing. 

Items previously fixed:

Soft toy - ripped seam; car seat cover - broken zip; Trench coat - broken belt loops; socks - darning holes; shorts - hem; Ruck sack - zip; jogging bottoms - hole; jeans - hole in crotch; gloves - hole in fingers

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