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Sign up as a repairer

Please read the details below and then CLICK HERE to register as a repairer.

  1. The repair café will consist of companies and volunteers.

  2. All repairers need to bring their own tools to complete the repairs.  Click here for the ReStart guidelines on tools

  3. Volunteer repairers can work individually or as a team depending on the item and/or the repairer’s confidence level.

  4. Repairers should not do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Click here for the ReStart safety guidelines.

  5. High voltage items will not be accepted eg Microwaves or power tools

  6. The customer is to learn from the repairer so it is an interactive, collaborative process.

  7. Set up time will be from 9 – 10 on Sunday morning.  Pack up time will be 4 – 5 on Sunday.

  8. No new items will be taken in after 3 pm to allow for repairs to be finished by the end of the cafe (at 4pm).

  9. Do not block gangways or fire exits at any time.  

  10. Those repairs conducted by companies maybe chargeable and that is at their discretion.  If a volunteer repairer has spare parts available they must inform the customer of the charge before using the part.

  11. Tea/coffee and cake will be available to the repairers in the kitchen.  However, no-one will be allowed to drink/eat at the tables.  If you wish to take a break/drink, please move to the kitchen area.

  12. The car park is going to be very busy on the day.  The car park is next to all halls however please bear in mind you might need a trolley.  We will not be able to help you unload.

  13. We encourage you to take photographs to put on social media, but please do not include any children in your photos.

  14. Wi-fi is available for use in the hall but please be mindful that speeds can’t be guaranteed.  The Wi-fi is unlikely to extend into the car park.  Signal in the village is not fantastic!

  15. If for any reason you need to cancel, please inform us immediately via email  We will be advertising the repairs available on social media and would like to keep that as up to date as possible. 

If you have any questions before signing up, please just get in touch

Click here to register as a repairer

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