Recycling talk 2019

Around 30 member of Woodhouse and Woodhouse Eaves joined us in the village hall to listen to a talk by Sally, an Environment and Waste Technician with Charnwood Borough Council.  

Sallie went through the various items that can and cannot be recycled in the Charnwood green bin recycling scheme.  The talk was written about in the next Roundabout news letter (below).

countryside show things to recycle quiz.
countryside show recycling quiz 2.jpg

The key messages LCC would like to get across to all residents are:

  • If you are unsure if an item can be recycled DON’T just throw it in the green bin.  Check website or to find out.  If it can't be - put it in the black bin. 

  • Items should be rinsed and dry before putting them in the recycle bin.

  • DON’T CONTAMINATE THE LOAD.  Putting things like nappies, dirty food containers, bottles with liquid in, or food residue, into the green bin risks contaminating other items that have been carefully cleaned and sorted by neighbours and preventing them from being recycled.

  • Lids and bottle tops should be put back on bottles and containers eg glass jars, wine bottles, tetrapack cartons, milk bottles.  This allows them to be captured as part of the recycling process.  However, we continue to have our plastic bottle top collection in the Village Hall – so please do keep collecting these.

Items that we discovered can be put in the recycling bin were:

  • Empty carrier bags

  • Shredded paper (in an open topped box eg stuff it all into a cereal box)

  • Any colour of plastic food container (except black)

  • Clean foil (if they are small pieces scrunch them together into a bigger ball, so the machinery can pick them up).

  • Clean cling film

Common items that are often put in the green bins but are NOT acceptable are:

  • Textiles – these often get caught up in the machinery causing damage and delays. They become contaminated with broken glass which prevents them from being recycled.  Please take them to a collection point, like the one in the back car park of the Curzon Arms, the Loughborough tip or a charity shop

  • Any plastic or metal tubes, such as make-up and cosmetic tubes, sun cream, moisturiser, toothpaste and tomato puree tubes

  • Wallpaper – due to the wide variety of materials used and the risk of paste/glue residue

  • Broken drinks glasses/dishes

  • Hard rigid plastics – eg coat hangers, plastic boxes, children’s toys

  • Polystyrene – in any form

  • Plastic cutlery, cups, plates

  • Small electricals – take these to the Loughborough Recycling and Household Waste site /tip

  • Batteries – take these to a supermarket collection