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We are postponing our event due to the Virus.

A new date will be arranged shortly.

Woodhouse Eaves is now registered with the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) Plastic Free Communities initiative.  SAS is a small charity started by surfers in Cornwall who were concerned about the amount of pollution in the sea.  The charity has grown to inspire, unite and empower communities to protect the environment.  Water channels are everywhere. Litter and plastic carelessly dropped can easily find its way to a water source which then has every possibility of ending up in the sea.  


As an SAS plastic free community, it is hoped to unite various groups across Woodhouse Parish, including local business and individuals, to reduce the use of plastic but most of all to be more thoughtful about avoiding single-use plastic.  This is plastic that cannot be recycled or reconditioned into another item.  Key items are things such as straws, disposable coffee cups, carrier bags individual sachets, plastic cutlery and cling film.


To become an accredited community, there are four objectives that need to be met.  Luckily we are already well on our way to achieving them already. 


Overarching objective – to encourage every individual within the community to decrease their reliance on single use plastic.

Objective 1 – Local governance.  The local parish council must be on board and agree to support the initiative.  Woodhouse Parish Council have already signed an agreement to support the project and a member of the council volunteered to sit on our steering group. 

Objective 2 – Local Businesses.  Due to the size of the village, we will need at least three local businesses to sign up as our partners.  They must pledge to change three things within their business to decrease their use of single use plastic.  Once accepted they will receive a plaque from SAS and a certificate from us to display in the shop or on their website.  We are being ambitious and hope that in some small way all village businesses will want to get involved.  

​​​Objective 3 – Plastic Free Allies.  This objective is about getting any community groups involved such as the Women’s Institute, the Scouts or the local school.  Woodhouse Parish has a wealth of diverse groups all using the village’s facilities and with membership that spans not only the parish but neighbouring villages.  We hope many will join us in prompting a plastic free lifestyle and potentially changing some of their group practices to be more plastic free.  

Objective 4 – Plastic Free Events.  Over the year we will be hosting various events to prompt the campaign.  Join our mailing list wheplasticfree@hotmail.com to keep updated or keep an eye on www.wheplasticfree.co.uk/events


This Launch Evening in the Village Hall is for anyone who would be interested in whatever way big or small to join us and promote this initiative.  We will have information for individuals, groups and businesses.  Perhaps you are a group leader and would like to learn more.  Or maybe you work in a village business and would like to champion this amongst your colleagues. 


Looking forward to seeing you there for a cup of tea!