Our stall, outside the Village Hall, gave residents and visitors the chance to ask questions and find out information about going plastic free. 

Continuing our journey to reduce the use of unnecessary and single-use plastics in the village this month, a group of local people shared their ideas and activities at a stall for Open Gardens. Information was on offer - including plastic-free gardening tips, local suppliers of plastic free goods, local milk delivery firms, Friends of the Earth advice and Big Recycling guides from Charnwood.

There was also an opportunity to see the swaps which local people have already made-for example bars of soap instead of liquid in bottles; re-usable water bottles instead of disposable single-use bottles; metal razors instead of throw away ones.  A rubbish sorting game, (well it was quite good really), encouraged visitors to choose the appropriate bin -Green Recycle or Black bin. It wasn’t always easy but prizes were won!

A local young man joined us to sell his home-made salves in metal tins. These were made using beeswax, olive oil and essential oils.  Sedums were also on sale in pots made from recycled materials.

The stall had a steady stream of interested folk. All were willing to share their views and strategies to reduce their plastic waste and keen to hear what others had to say.  There was a really positive attitude towards working together to solve what often seems an overwhelming problem.

We had a pledge tree to which people were encouraged to contribute. These were some of the pledges :

  • Put things in the right bin

  • No more plastic straws

  • Use glass storage jars for leftovers

  • Get a re-usable water bottle

  • Swap cotton ear buds

  • Soap powder in paper box

  • Avoid pre-packed fruit veg and meat

  • Ditch the coffee pods

  • Remember to carry my coffee cup

  • Use tea leaves not bags

  • Re-use plastics-not all plastics are “poison”-useful for medical reasons especially


One of many discussions people had at the stall was about Ecobricks - a novel way of turning unrecyclable plastics into building blocks. More information at 


Also discussed was a new package-free shop which will be opening at 22, St Martin’s Leicester in July-more information to come…..


On display at the stall was the new bin for recycling plastic bottle caps. This is now available at the Village Hall. Plastic bottle caps will be recycled for charity or used to make more robust articles.