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Saturday 10 April 2021

Another hugely successful day cleaning up Woodhouse, Woodhouse Eaves and Beacon Hill Country Park. 


78 volunteers joined up to help us give our environment a well needed Spring Clean.  We thank everyone who took part to make the day a success. 

Groups went out to their designated area of the village to pick up any litter they could find.  Families joined together to clean used dog poo bags from the bushes; couples walked around picking face masks from the kerb and cigarette butts from the gutter.

Please we urge everyone to be responsible when you are out.  Pick up after your dog and make sure you take all your litter home. 

2 Litter pick April 21 final pile
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11 Litter pick april 21
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10 litter pick April 21
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3 Litter pick April 21
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9 Litter pick April 21
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1 Litter pick April 21
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