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WHE Plastic Free Fair

Hi Everyone

As I mentioned on the chat, Cherrie, Mary C and I are putting together ideas for a fair on Sunday 22 May 2022.  Below are our ideas but we would welcome any ideas from the group.  And we will definitely need volunteers to help on the day!  

Get the date in your diary and let me know if there is anything in particular you think you could help with.

The theme will not just be plastic free but sustainable eco friendly ideas.  We are asking the Parish Council for a grant to cover the cost of the halls.  The idea is to break even not to make a profit. 

Main Hall

Refreshments – chargeable - volunteers needed and cakes made. 

Stalls – ideas of people we could approach.  All stalls would be free.  All have a focus on information giving rather than making a profit.

PF Champions

Agora – Hamilton Bakery.  OR Hamilton have their own stall and Agora does other things.  Could she bring her orange juice maker?

Home of handmade 

Knead good bread – ideas of sourdough starter and guidance

Beacon cafe - what could they show??


  • Milk n more

  • Composter – from council 

  • Reusable nappies – group in Leicester 

  • PF group – simple swaps.  Slim your bin challenge.  Tried and tested eg shampoo bars. - volunteers from the group

  • PF Rothley and/or Transition group – seed swap/plant stall from cuttings

  • Sally from council – recycling correctly

  • Morsbags – someone making? - volunteers from the group

  • Doatera - Rochelle

  • Elf foods and/or Cleaning Cabinet and/or Ekojoe bus – they would be in competition but all would appeal to difference people

  • PF school – showcase what they have done

  • Georgie’s Dress – have a rail of clothes – would she buy from people at the event if they knew to bring clothes?

  • Guides or Scouts? - Book swap showcasing their 3 libraries (not sure who put up the little book libraries).  They could gather books prior to the event and people could be told to bring books.

  • Fruit and veg from Bull in the Hollow farm shop – could they do a hamper of seasonal veg or fruit?

  • Farm shop with organic milk where Cherrie goes.  Could they bring some?? Keeping it cold???

  • Electric car – someone who is knowledgeable about installing charge point at home/different types of cars – Jill mentioned neighbour

  • 2 minute litter pick – our litter pickers, people walk out.  Then set phone to pick for 2 mins.  School or scouts could run stand.  Have flip chart to tally up and note down items found.

King George’s Hall

Toy swap hall:

We do an assembly at St Pauls and Switherland primary.

Children bring toys on Saturday afternoon.  Scouts or Year 6 children help to sort them.

Children get a ticket per toy or 3 tickets for big, 2 for medium, 1 for small.  (to be decided).

Sunday – children return to swap their tickets for new toys.



Repair café

Volunteer repairers to do small repairs.  Professionals who would have to charge.

Volunteers – who do we know in the village?

Textiles – clothes – sewing on buttons, taking up trousers, mending seams

Electronic wiping – someone to wipe data from phones and computers to ensure they can then be sent for recycling.  (Could we find a group to have a stall and then take the tech at the end?)

Wood – difficult to be able to bring all tools down?


Electronic things??

Bike repair (in car park) – session on how to repair a puncture.  Check breaks, cogs, oil. – Pete Cheney, Ian’s friends Nick and Graham.  Run it adhoc or start every hour with a session for several people?


People who would have to charge for the work:

Watch man from Loughborough market

Sewing machine repair man in Leicester – could do cleaning/oil for a set price rather than repairs?? Could he teach us how to do simple oiling and cleaning?

Sharpening tools – Ekojoe knew someone. – health and safety?? What machine would he need to bring?

Its a lot already! But we will need a lot to get a good buzz going. 

Advertising - any ideas how to get to everyone in the village:


Quorndon Magazine

WHE instagram

Facebook event page

Spotted on Woodhouse eaves


Our mailing list 

Is anyone on twitter??

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