There are various phrases or words that are used on this site that someone new to plastic free living might not understand or want to know more about.  Here we attempt to give a bit of a definition to each. 

Single Use Plastic

This is an item made of a plastic material that cannot be made into anything else after its purposeful life.  For example, plastic cups often used in water coolers cannot easily be recycled and are therefore only used for one purpose.   A plastic straw can only be used as a plastic straw and once finished with will end up in landfill.  

Some people incorrectly say 'but I will wash it and use it again so I am using it more than once'.  Single use refers to the fact that even after 10, 100, 200 uses, a straw will not be able to become anything else. 


Morsbags is a company set up online to encourage people to make bags out of unwanted fabric.  Individuals set up pods together to create as many bags as they wish.  The bags are then distributed or used by members instead of plastic carrier bags. 


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