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Need a repair?

Do you have something that is destined for the tip - but if it could be repaired you would carry on using it?  Then bring it along to the first Woodhouse Eaves Repair Cafe. 


The Repair Cafe will open at 10 am and the last item will be taken at 3 pm.  Items are taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Each person can bring one item.  Anything undertaken by our volunteer repairers is free of charge but we also have some companies, for example Let's Get Sharp, who will be charging. 


Trousers that need a patch


Ripped skirt

Repairers will give it their best to fix the item or advise you on how to fix it at home.  But it is undertaken with the understanding that the item is broken and would otherwise be thrown away.  Repairers reserve the right to refuse a repair.  Items with a high voltage will not be allowed - eg microwaves. 

Thinking of bringing an item?  Let us know - Click here for the form.  By letting us know we might be able to bring the right tools or materials.

Click on the pictures below to find out more about each repairer:

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