1. True, single use plastics are only used for a few minutes

  2. True, multi use plastics can be used many times.

  3. False, not all plastic can be recycled.

  4. True, plastic is mostly oil.

  5. True, about half of the plastic used in the UK is single use.

6.   A - everyday we use 38 million plastic bottles  

7.   C – Biodegrading is the process of particles breaking down

8.   B  - it will take 8 weeks for an apple to biodegrade (but it must be in the right conditions)

9.   C - it takes 100 years to break a bottle into smaller pieces, but they will never go away

10.  B -  microplastics are very small plastics   

11.   A – the largest a microplastic can be is less than 5 mm   

12.  A – there will be more plastic in the sea than fish in 30 year (2050)  

13.  C – a fish will become poisoned and die

14.  C – the North Pacific Garbage Patch is the size of Europe 

15.  C – bottled water costs 500 times more than tap water  

16.  A – 1 in 100 coffee cups are recycled.  Many can’t be recycled

17.  B – most scientists feel single use plastic is bad  

18.  B – plastic items can only be recycled a few times   


-  Refuse single use plastic items like coffee cups

-  Reduce using plastic items

-  Reuse plastic multi use items like lunch boxes

-  Recycle all items that can be put into the council recycling bin or collected by Terracycle or individual bins at the supermarket


Any small change will make a difference so any way you are choosing to reduce plastic is a step in the right direction.

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